Volume 32 Issue 2: 2018

Determinants of Body Mass Index in Turkey: A Quantile Regression Analysis from a Middle Income Country

Deniz Karaoğlan, Aysıt Tansel                                                                             


Relative Deprivation and Life Satisfaction among Europeans: Keeping up with Others

Ozan Ekşi, Asena Caner, Ünay Tamgaç Tezcan


Competitive Advantage and Clusters: What Can We Learn from Nine Turkish Clusters?

Nigar Çağla Mutlucan


Effects of Customer Complaint Management Quality on Business Performance in Service Businesses

Süreyya Bengül, Cengiz Yılmaz


The Russian Post-Nationalism or Pan-Ethnicity? Case of Compatriots in South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Crimea

Sertan Akbaba