Volume 28 Issue 1: 2014

Examining the Relationships between Ethical Issues in Franchising Business Success and Characteristics of Franchising Businesses: A Study in Turkey

Musa Pınar, Michael K. McCuddy, Zeliha Eser

Are the Activities of the Internal Audit Function Associated with Audit Committee Quality Factors?

İrem Nuhoğlu, Audrey A. Gramling, David A. Wood

Different Participant Groups, Different Success Definitions: An Exploratory Study in the Case of “Local Government and NGO Cooperation in a Participatory Democracy Project”

Neslihan Kulözü

Absorption Capacity of Turkey for Use of European Union Pre-Accession Assistance

Mustafa Duran

Forecasting Method Selection Based on Operational Performance

Yavuz Acar


Book Review:

Fatih Ermiş. A History of Ottoman Economic Thought: Developments before the 19th Century. Routledge, 2014. 212pp.

Meltem Toksöz