Volume 10 Issue 1-2: 1996

Editorial Introduction

International Migration and Turkey

Kemal Kirişçi

Symposium on International Migration and Turkey

The Global Refugee Regime: Continuity and Change

Emek M. Uçarer

The European Union's Third Pillar: Justice Home Affairs (History - Institutions - Perspectives)

Cengiz Aktar

Refugee and Asylum-Seeking Migration from Turkey to Western Europe

Anita Böcker

Unplanned Resistance: Turkish Immigrants in a Postmodern Germany

Peter O'Brien

The Current Refugee Situation in Bosnia-Hercegovina in the Context of the Movements of People in the Balkans

Hugh Poulton

Forced Migrations in the North and South Caucasus

Alexandre Toumarkine

Transit Migrants and Turkey

Ahmet İçduygu


A Comparative Analysis of the Turkish Defence Burden

Christos Kollias

Micropolitics of Late-Industrialization: Comparative Perspectives from Brazil and South Korea with Implications on Turkey

Mine Eder

Evaluating Transport Improvement Systems in Istanbul Metropolitan Area: The Case of the Bosphorus Tube Tunnel, Metro Alternatives and Three Combined Alternatives

Cevat Karataş, Cem Payaslıoğlu

A Test of Foreign Exchange Market Efficiency Using Neural Networks and Ols

Maryann J. Fogarty Di Liberto, Cengiz Onuk

Turkey and the EU: The Customs Union and the Future

William Hale

Economic Nationalism in Turkey: The Formative Years, 1912 - 1925

Ayhan Aktar

Book Reviews

Yasemin Nuhoğlu Soysal: Limits of Citizenship: Migrants and Postnational Membership in Europe

Deniz Vardar

Zafer Toprak: Milli İktisat-Milli Burjuvazi. (National Economy- National Bourgeoisie). Zafer Toprak: İttihat-Terakki ve Devletçilik. (The Committee of Union and Progress and Statism).

Bülent Aras

Bruno Coppieters (ed.), Contested Borders in the Caucasus.

Gareth M. Winrow

Udo Steinbach: Die Türkei im 20.Jahr hundert. Schwieriger Partner Europas. Matthes Buhbe: Türkei, Politik und Zeitgeschichte.

Heinz Kramer