Volume 11 Issue 1-2: 1997

Editorial Introduction

Istanbul: Past and Present

Ferhunde Özbay

Symposium on Istanbul: Past and Present

Fruit Vendors and Civil Servants

Ferhunde Özbay

At the Turn of the Century, Textile Dealers in an International Port City, Istanbul

Lorans Tanatar-Baruh

Istanbul 1903-1918: A Quantitative Analysis of a Bourgeoisie

Edhem Eldem

Tale of Two Cities: The Evolution of Istanbul Businessmen and Their Relations with the Ankara Government

Ayşe Buğra

Migration and Intra-Provincial Movements in Istanbul between 1985-1990

Ferhunde Özbay


Cognitive Maps of Three Turkish Politicians: The Issue of Privatization

Füsun Ülengin, Şule Önsel

An Independent Sector Perspective on Forced Migration and Security in the Black Sea Region

Arthur C. Helton

Measuring Cost Efficiency for Turkish Commercial Banks: The Stochastic Cost Frontier Approach

E. Nur Özkan-Günay

Turkey Rediscovers the Customer

Ahmet N. Koç

Book Reviews

Martin Kramer: Arab Awakening and Islamic Revival:The Politics of Ideas in the Middle East

John T. Godfrey

Korkut Boratav: Istanbul ve Anadolu'dan Sınıf Profilleri

Oya Köymen