Volume 12 Issue 2: December 1998

Editorial Introduction

The Turkish Financial Markets

Vedat Akgiray

Symposium on the Turkish Financial Markets

Security Returns' Reactions to Earnings Announcements: A Case Study on the Istanbul Stock Exchange

Attila Odabaşı

Do Price Reactions to Stock Dividends and Rights Offerings Change as the ISE Matures?

Gülnur Muradoğlu, Kürşat Aydoğan

Dynamic Predictability of the Istanbul Stock Exchange Market Using a Vector Autoregressive Model

Nesrin Okay

Measures of Volatility and Aggregate Investment

C. Emre Alper, N. Tarhan Feyzioğlu

Ownership Structure and Corporate Strategies: Evidence from the Turkish Manufacturing Industry

Mine Uğurlu

Sources of Fluctuations in Stock Returns on the Istanbul Stock Exchange

Selçuk Caner, Zeynep Önder

Temporal Relationships Between Gold Coins, the Stock Market and Foreign Currencies in Turkey

Ayşe Yüce, Can Simga - Mugan

The Application of Arbitrage Pricing Theory to the Istanbul Stock Exchange

Akın Sayrak

Book Reviews

Salih Neftçi: An Introduction to the Mathematics of Financial Derivatives

Levent Yıldıran

John Y. Campbell, Andrew W. Low and A. Craig MacKinlay: The Econometrics of Financial Markets

Vedat Akgiray