Volume 14 Issue 1: June 2000

Editorial Introduction

Learning to Live with Volatile Capital Movements and Contagion an Emerging Market Perspective: Turkey

Refik Erzan

Annual Macroeconomics Conference of Bogazici University, Center for Economics and Econometrics (CEE)

Issues in the Reform of the Global Financial Architecture

Yilmaz Akyüz

Contagion and Macroeconomic Policy: The Case of Turkey

Cevdet Akçay, Murat Üçer

Contagion and Policy Interdependence among Emerging Markets

Cevdet Akçay, Refik Erzan, Ünal Zenginobuz

Stock Return Volatility in Emerging Markets

Kamil Yılmaz

An Empirical Examination of the Transmission of Financial Crises in Turkey

Emre Alper, İsmail Sağlam

Background Papers

Determinants of Contagious Currency and Financial Crises: The Case of Asia 1997

Baybars Karacaovalı

The Effects of Monetary Shocks: Empirical Evidence from Turkey

Fatma Karapaşaoğlu