Volume 14 Issue 2: December 2000

A Comparative Analysis of Business Negotiations between Public Organizations and Private Organizations in Turkey

Gülçimen Yurtsever

A Cross-Cultural Study on the Impact of Analytical Review Results, Internal Control Reliability and Experience on Auditors' Use of Analytical Review: Evidence from Turkey

Türkan Önder and Müjdelen İpek Yener

Market Response to Stock Splits: Evidence from the Istanbul Stock Exchange

Metin R. Ercan

An Integrative Model of Word-of-Mouth Communications

Gülden Asuğman

Testing for Overreaction in Long-Term Returns: Evidence from the Istanbul Stock Exchange

Z.Nuray Güner and Mete Şakir Yener

The Structure of Financing in an Emerging Market: Turkey

İrem Nuhoğlu

The Role of Subsidiary Strategy in Intraorganizational Processing and the Creation of Market Knowledge

Esra Gençtürk

The Effects of Formal Education on Unethical Purchasing Decisions: An Investigation on Faculty Members and University Students in Turkey and Kyrgyzstan

Bahtışen Kavak