Volume 16 Issue 2: December 2002

Value-At-Risk: An Implementation on Three Turkish Banks

Suat Teker and Barış Akçay

A Survey of the Product Costing Practice of Large Manufacturing Companies in Turkey

Figen Öker

A Critique of Kymlicka’s Theory of Minority Rights

Nafiz Tok

The Impacts of Job Involvement and Motivation to Work on Organizational Commitment Components: A Carer Stage Approach

Nigar Demircan, Hakan Kitapçı and Rahmi Yücel

The Relationship Between Intrinsic Motivation and Organizational Commitment: An Empirical Study on the Private Sector

Alper Ertürk and Adnan Ceylan


The Impact of Personal and Organizational Factors on Perceived Work-Family Conflict: A Preliminary Study

Alev Torun