Volume 17 Issue 2: December 2003

Some Estimation Issues on Betas: A Preliminary Investigation on the Istanbul Stock Exchange

Atilla Odabaşı

Consumption with Durability

Aylin Seçkin

Does Trust Mediate the Effects of Justice Perceptions on Employee Commitment?

Nigar Demircan, Adnan Ceylan

The Impact of Downsizing Practices on Self-efficacy

Tülay Turgut, Güler İslamoğlu

Performance Impacts and Moderating Effects of advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMTS) on the Business Strategy-Performance Relationship: A Study of Manufacturing Firms in Gaziantep

Nihat Kaya, Lütfihak Alpkan, Mehmet Aytekin

A Descriptive Model of How Consumers Punish or Reward a Store via Purchasing Behaviour: A Comparative Analysis of Students in Turkey and Kyrgyzstan

Bahtışen Kavak, Arzu İlsev

Research Note

Awareness and Usage of Quality Tools/Concepts in Emerging Economies: Malaysia and Turkey

Gary Meek, Ceyhun Özgür, Ayşegül Toker, Lim Kong Teong