Volume 19 Issue 1-2: 2005

The Moral Codes of Salespeople and Their Relation to Ethical Perception: An Empirical Examination in Turkey

Azize Ergeneli

Properties of Individual Analysts’ Earning Forecasts for the Turkish Stock Market

Murat Aydoğdu, Hakan Saraoğlu

The Developing Mortgage Market in Turkey: The Key Issues in the Creation of the Secondary Market

Işıl Erol, Kanak Patel

Organizational Service Innovation: The Case of the Rensselaer Satellite Video Program at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Adnan Özyılmaz

The Effects of Organizational Communication and Commitment on Organizational Identification: a Sectoral Comparison

Alper Ertürk, Nigar Demircan, Adnan Ceylan

The Role of Psychographics in Explaining Store Brand Buying Behaviour

Kemal Kurtuluş, Sema Kurtuluş, Tülay Yeniçeri, Eyyup Yaraş

Moral Emotions and Self-Monitoring

Gülçimen Yurtsever

Full Deposit Insurance and the Moral Hazard Problem: The Case of the Turkish Banking System

Alövsat Müslümov