Volume 20 Issue 1-2: 2006


Editorial Introduction

Binnaz  Toprak

Bacon’s New Atlantis: A Utopia for the Scientist, Not for Humanity

Cem Deveci

The Political Public Sphere as the Maintenance of Order: Convergence in Hannah Arendt and Jurgen Habermas

Fahriye Üstüner

The Problem of Normative Justification and Political Stability in Contemporary Democratic Theory: Kant, Rawls and Habermas

Murat Özbank

Religion and Politics in Turkey: The Promise of Political Liberalism

Murat Borovalı

The Principle of Self-Interest Properly Understood in the Virtuous Polity

Bican Şahin

Reflections on Foucault’s Concept of Critical Ontology

Boğaç Erozan

Heideggerian Existentialism and Post-Marxism

Kürşad Ertuğrul

Free Article

Cooperation for Development: Emerging Frameworks for Sharing Benefits in the Euphrates-Tigris Basin

Ayşegül Kibaroğlu