Volume 21 Issue 1-2: 2007

Currency and Yield Co-Integration between a Developed and an Emerging Country: The Case of Turkey

Ahmet Can İnci

Determinants of Brand Loyalty and the Link between Brand Loyalty and Price Tolerance

Ebru Tümer Kabadayı, İnci Aygün

Layoff Survivors’ Perceptions of Fairness as Determinant of Affective Commitment following Downsizing

Alper Ertürk

The Influence of the Turkish Republic’s Revolutions on Accounting Applications (1926-1928)

Barış Sipahi, İrem Nuhoğlu

Direct Selling Ethics: An Exploratory Investigation on Turkish Direct Sellers

Bahtışen Kavak, Sanem Alkibay, Mahmut Arslan

A Note on the Cross-Section of Stock Returns on the Istanbul Stock Exchange

N. Volkan Çetin, Z. Nuray Güler

Turkish Money Demand Revisited: Some Implications for Inflation and Currency Substitution under Structural Breaks

Cem Saatçioğlu, Levent Korap

Analyzing the Perceptions of Turkish Universities Using Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) Analysis

Ulaş Akküçük, Selin Küçükkancabaş