Volume 37 Issue 2: 2023

Comparative or Multiple Secularisms? Evidence from a Comparison of France and Turkey

Murat Akan


Global Capital Conditions and SME Performance

Yusuf Emre Akgündüz & Seyit Mümin Cılasun & Fatih Yılmaz


Electricity Consumption Patterns and Price Volatility In Türkiye: A Wavelet Analysis

Erhan Uluceviz & Harald Schmidbauer & Angi Rösch


Healthcare Reforms and Competition in Private Hospital Markets in Türkiye

İsrafil Boyacı


Impact of the Free Float Ratio on Dividend Yield and Capital Decisions

Serkan Ünal & Türkmen Derdiyok


Do They Stay or Go? The Situation of International Graduates in Türkiye

Furkan Metin