Volume 34 Issue 1: 2020

Social Psychological Factors Behind Ethnic Discrimination in Employee Selection

Z.Maviş Yıldırım, Funda Turhan, M.Ersin Kuşdil


Evidence for Financial Hierarchy Theory in Capital Structure Decisions: Data from BIST Companies

Elif Acar, Gamze Vural, Emin Hüseyin Çetenak


The Middle Income Trap: Theory and Empirical Evidence

Mehmet Hanefi Topal


The Impact of Brand Love on Constructive and Defensive e-WOM Intentions of Consumers: The Moderating Role of e-WOM Valence

Kübra Tekbıyık, İrem Eren Erdoğmuş


Consumers’ Emotional Bonds with Foreign Brands: Animosity, Affinity, and Ethnocentrism

Hatice Aydın, Sevtap Ünal